Watching Fox Network

Really enjoying Fringe from Fox TV these days (returns in 90 seconds) ...realizing that I liked it alot more when it was called X files ....No doubt you just replace the female lead with Scully and it's not much diff than the same...on the episode with the giant butt alien plug they pretty much quit hiding it. I kept waiting for Cartman from southpark to complain about his anal probe. (still the funniest episode of tv ever ..cartman gets an anal probe)

Springsteen AND Billy Joel - When that change was made uptown and the Piano Man Joined the E Street Band

Springsteen and Billy Joel to Play this Fundraiser ...HOPE for TV Pay Per View or HBO !
Purchase your ticket using the this link.
Tickets must be purchased by October 14th.

Oh to raise the money for Obama ... Tickets are 10,ooo , 2,500 , and cheap seats for 500 bucks. Now ..I have to believe that if they wanted this fundraiser with Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and friends to increase in value, I would think you could add Tina Fey.

Somewhere you can find an mp3 of Joel doing Thunder Road ---dont know if Bruce covered Allentown

Noooo Mike Delfino isn't dead right ?

You can't kill Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives right ? OK... good.

I keep thinking what other shows could use the five year flash forward.

Scouring The Internet for Hot Sara Palin Pictures ???

OK ...I went there....for the website of course... ( ) I went on the search for HOT sara palin pictures ... and as far as I can tell, sara palin's boobs aren't in view ever. Barely a cleavage shot (pictured below), one can't deny that she has GREAT eyes (add many adjectives to GREAT) and dandy legs (if you are into that kind of thing) ... but barely anything considered erotic or dirty images ...and certainly nothing in bikini or nude of course .... so for now anyway, nothing really to report but these few shots (and a few more on ).