Fifty 50 Shades of Grey Charlie Hunman Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson Anastasia Steele

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey
Fifty 50 Shades of Grey the movie has finally cast its stars.  Charlie Hunnam will play the billionaire Sadistic Dom Christian Grey and  Dakota Johnson will play his naive and virginal sub Anastasia Steele.  Johnson is known for her work in 21 Jump Street, Beastly, and The Social Network.  Charlie is known for his work in Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy.  Is this who you pictured when reading the book ?  What do you think the movie will look like after so much of the book is inner dialogue and S & M sex ? 
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

Triphala Herbal Fat Fighter from Dr Oz TV

Triphala powder and/or pills is the fat fighter that a guest on Dr. Oz said is the ayurvedic  herb that everyone should have.   It is purchased here and is worth every penny.    This is an assortment of the pills, the powder if you want to make your own or add it to a recipe (warning...its not thought to taste good) and the book we recommend for the Ayurvedic lifestyle change.

ORIGINAL - Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign. HILARIOUS STUPIDITY. Must...

So we DO know what happens when you don't pay attention in school This is the original FUNNY call in to the DJ's about the Deer Crossing. "It's so irresponsible of us to allow these deer crossings where they are so likely to be struck by traffic."
"You know deer crossing signs aren't really telling the deer where to cross?"

Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell: "If I Only Had a Brain"

At we show that you always get a Wizard Of Oz reference ...almost every day if youpay attention.  Today's reference is SWEET !  Elvis Costello singing the classic If I Only Had a Brain, A Heart, Courage

Nostalgia for Mattel Talking Football with Dick Enberg

While watching a documentary about the history of video games and upon seeing Dick Enberg doing a voice over for a game I remembered what was about my favorite game as a kid and probably the reason I got a passion for sports broadcasting. 
 Dick Enberg did the voice for Mattel Talking Football. I Youtubed it and came up with this video which shows the game. The player on offense would select a record, which was a play (long bomb, short run, kick, punt etc) and the other player on defense would spin the record to select his strategy. Then, you'd push play and Dick Enberg would call whatever happened. One of my friends and I had fun kicking 90 yard field goals that "splits the uprights." Great Memory ...but SOOO primitive.

Dr. Oz Dash Diet - Proven to be the best

The Diet Dr. Oz says is the best.  The DASH diet. It stands for 
 Dietary Approaches Stop Hypertension.
The only complaint I had when watching was to Dr Oz ..hey, you been on the air 3 years, why are you just now revealing this...but he is absolutely RIGHT.  THIS is the diet.

More research  has been put into the DASH Diet than any other diet and it is proven to provide numerous health benefits including definitely lowering High Blood Pressure and hypertension, and helping to control diabetes, which is great because you have a chance to get off of those expensive meds, needles,  and glucose monitor supplies. 

Diet works even better with other Oz approved helpers like Oat Straw Extract, Rasberry Ketones, and the very successful Green Coffee Bean Extract.

DASH Diet is Easy and Safe
This is one of the most easy diets to follow because it has the foods you already love to eat at your grocery store and perhaps already in your home.  In fact, US News and World Report named it it's best diet for the following reasons:
  • Easy to Follow
  • Nutritious
  • Safe
  • Effective for Short and Long Term Weight Loss
  • Helps Fight Diabetes and heart disease
Simple standards: (after the two week phase 1)
WholeGrains 6-8 servings per day.
Fruits and Veg  4-5 servings per day..and red wine counts as a fruit serving YES
Low Fat Dairy 2-3 servings...things like yogurt, cheese, or milk.
Meat and poultry  6 oz a day