Nostalgia for Mattel Talking Football with Dick Enberg

While watching a documentary about the history of video games and upon seeing Dick Enberg doing a voice over for a game I remembered what was about my favorite game as a kid and probably the reason I got a passion for sports broadcasting. 
 Dick Enberg did the voice for Mattel Talking Football. I Youtubed it and came up with this video which shows the game. The player on offense would select a record, which was a play (long bomb, short run, kick, punt etc) and the other player on defense would spin the record to select his strategy. Then, you'd push play and Dick Enberg would call whatever happened. One of my friends and I had fun kicking 90 yard field goals that "splits the uprights." Great Memory ...but SOOO primitive.

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SR Benedict said...

My Dad, Chuck Benedict worked on the development of this and the Mattel Talking Baseball game, and was the one who got Dick hired not only for this but for his first announcing job.

Quoteed formt eh SanDiego Tribune April 3, 2010

“A friend of mine named Chuck Benedict worked at Channel 11, which was doing a lot of sports. He got me a job working weekends when a chance came up to do four Los Angeles State football games.”

At the time, Los Angeles State was the small college football power of the west. On Oct. 17, 1964, L.A. State and an upstart college named San Diego State met to decide the king of small college football in the West. Los Angeles State won 7-0. So did Enberg.