Dr. Oz Dash Diet - Proven to be the best

The Diet Dr. Oz says is the best.  The DASH diet. It stands for 
 Dietary Approaches Stop Hypertension.
The only complaint I had when watching was to Dr Oz ..hey, you been on the air 3 years, why are you just now revealing this...but he is absolutely RIGHT.  THIS is the diet.

More research  has been put into the DASH Diet than any other diet and it is proven to provide numerous health benefits including definitely lowering High Blood Pressure and hypertension, and helping to control diabetes, which is great because you have a chance to get off of those expensive meds, needles,  and glucose monitor supplies. 

Diet works even better with other Oz approved helpers like Oat Straw Extract, Rasberry Ketones, and the very successful Green Coffee Bean Extract.

DASH Diet is Easy and Safe
This is one of the most easy diets to follow because it has the foods you already love to eat at your grocery store and perhaps already in your home.  In fact, US News and World Report named it it's best diet for the following reasons:
  • Easy to Follow
  • Nutritious
  • Safe
  • Effective for Short and Long Term Weight Loss
  • Helps Fight Diabetes and heart disease
Simple standards: (after the two week phase 1)
WholeGrains 6-8 servings per day.
Fruits and Veg  4-5 servings per day..and red wine counts as a fruit serving YES
Low Fat Dairy 2-3 servings...things like yogurt, cheese, or milk.
Meat and poultry  6 oz a day

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