ISSAC RYAN BROWN - the six year old who can win AGT

Even Howard Stern couldn't dismiss the talent of this six year old.  ISSAC RYAN BROWN is the talent they love and who is going to Vegas.  Maybe he can win.

American Idol Final Phillip Phillips wins with Home

 a GREAT  Finale to American Idol on Fox ...with Phillip Phillips keeping it close until the end, when he pulled it out with a song thats a hit right now. ROUND 1: SIMON FULLER'S CHOICE
Jessica Sanchez, "I Have Nothing"
Phillip Phillips, "Stand by Me"
Jessica wins because her song was stronger and she showed uncanny charisma would be the last time we saw that side of her for the night. 
Jessica Sanchez, "The Prayer"
Phillip Phillips, "Movin' Out" 
On vocal quality it goes to Jessica, but Phillip has his growl and his charisma shining through and the way he takes  asong and makes it his own serves him well here as it did all season. 

Jessica Sanchez, "Change Nothing":
Phillip Phillips, "Home":
If this were the only song of the night, Phillip wins hands down...if he does not win, I guarantee its a hit single anyway.

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Funniest Thing from Time Breastfeeding Cover - Jimmy Fallon and Higgins

Here is the funnieest thing of many funny things concerning the Time Breastfeeding Cover, From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday May 11, 2012

Jimmy Fallon :  that kid is going to have some repressed mamaries
Higgins:  i think its the breast cover ever saw
Jimmy Fallon:  wanna go tit for tat
Higgins: lets just nip it cause i feel like a boob
Jimmy: i think we are just milking it