Top Ten Prince Songs for The Voice Medley After Super Bowl

With The Voice getting set to do a Prince Medley after the Super Bowl, with Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green as well as Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, all of whom are on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, I picked my favorite Prince songs, almost all of which are Prince and the Revolution songs, however a New Power Generation song or two sneaks in there as well, with the hope that these would be the ones chosen to sing.  Adam said on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that Prince "never clears anything," and so they are honored and will do Prince proud on the medley.  Here are the Top Ten Prince Songs according to and the YoooHaaa Blog.

1 PURPLE RAIN - Better if you get it live
2-I WOULD DIE FOR YOU - Amazing on film and on record
3-KISS-everybody will dance without provocation
4-LETS GO CRAZY - catchiest song
5-DARLING NIKKI - on the weird side but a masterpiece
6-LITTLE RED CORVETTE - lyrically filled with easter eggs and double meanings
7-RASBERRY BERET - Most top 40 friendly Prince song ever.
8-WHEN DOVES CRY - This song could be remade in so many ways ..I keep waiting
9-1999 - Don't worry ...I won't hurt you
10-GETT OFF - Just as funky as it gets
11-HONORABLE MENTION...BAT DANCE    Nobody else but me liked this one I suppose...the samples from the movie were great.

Legalizing Marijuana - Seem Right For Now

"We want the world and we want it ...NOW !"  Jim Morrison

I have this feeling that there will be conversations like the ones I used to have with my grandparents about prohibition. Someday our grand kids will say, "you mean you could drink all of that you wanted, and smoke all of those you wanted, but if you wanted to smoke THAT it was illegal ?" "Yep...that was the law...and most people didn't understand the hypocrisy." If you legalize it, you unfortunately have quite a few new addicts overnight. But, I think you also, overnight, take all the power away from drug kingpins in other countries who are corrupt murderers. It's not a harmless drug, but most would agree more harm comes from legal alcohol. Seems the benefits of allowing personal choice in this matter.  outweigh the negatives.  I wonder if Pot will be legal, or even decriminalized in my home state ever.  Time will tell.  President Obama consistently says he does not think advocating legalization of cannabis is right at this time.