Ready For Big Brother Season 14 2012 on CBS

The Women of BB 14
A few notes on the new cast members for Big Brother 2012 -Big Brother 14.  There are 12 in the house and will be joined by 4 with experience.  As always with Surivivor or BB, CBS tells us something like "there has never been a twist as big as this," or something to that effect.  This year the promo spots promise at least 4 blockbuster twists.

Much of the initial publicity may be centered around one of the houseguests being a former Playboy Playmate of the Year ...Kara Monaco has graced the cover of Playboy several times and was Playmate of the Year 2006.

Then there is another attempt to cash in on the Russell Hantz infamy.  One of the houseguests will be Willie Hantz ..from Dayton Texas he is the brother of Russell.  Reality show gold apparently.

Bartenders . Cooks, and waitresses are often picked for the show...probably because in their profession they can leave a job for an entire summer.  Chev Joe Arvin is 41 from Schereville Indiana,.but he isnt the oldest as that role goes to  Jodi Rollins from Calipatria CA is a 42 year old server, JoJo Spatafora is a 26 year old Bartender, and speaking of not losing any time from work, Frank Eudy is 28 and unemployed from Naples FL.  He is the son of wrestling legend Sid VIcious. 

In the mix you always get the tattooed metal head and the smarty pants.  They will be represented by Rock Bass Player Jenn Arroyo, a 37 year old who played with Kittie, an all female group, and in the Peabody role, 21 year old engineering student from  Tulane, Ian Terry. 

We also have a nurse, Daniell Murphree who is from Tuscaloosa, and a spray tan company owner, Ashley Iocco, who is 26 and from West Hollywood. 

Ad reps and marketers are often represented, and that role is represented by Wil Heuser from Louisville, and House Flipper (is that a real job) Shane Meaney (if this guys name doesn't say villian I don't know what does) is 26 from Bennington Vermont.

So there you have it ...they 12 that will be joined by 4 who have played before.  Big Brother 14 started on July 7th as move in day.