NBC Thank God You're Here Review and Notes


It's one of the freshest things to come to network TV since Saturday Night Live, with tremendous apologies to Wayne Brady, who may be the male equivalent of the all time improve comic, the Great Carol Burnett. Somehow despite Brady's genius, ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway faded from the national spotlight to the Family Channel and Brady continues to toil in relative obscurity.

Bring on the new Thank God You're Here, where every sketch starts with those words, featuring 4 celebrity guest stars each week and host David Alan Greer along with "Judge" Dave Foley, (whose function bears no resemblance whatsoever to what Drew Carey does on Whose Line) along with a cast of perky, energetic regulars who are the only ones in on the script. The guest stars fend for themselves and hope to win the cheezy plastic award given away at the end of each show by a properly unimpressed Foley.

The show is based on an Australian show.

Episode 1
April 9 2007

Wayne Knight-played a modern day snake oil salesman

Brian Cranstan-A British Rock Star and later a gayish superhero

Joel McHale-Egyptial Pyramid Explorer Indiana Jones Style. He is MUCH better on The Soup.

Jennifer Coolidge-Beauty Queen Contestant and superhero who apparently farts dangerous golden doughnuts


Episode 2
April 9 2007
Mo'nique-Clueless Gameshow hostess

Kevin Nealon-Alpine mountain climbing expedition leader who gave us, as Foley put it, "chick on chick CPR" in his first sketch

Edie McClurg who played a funny wife in marriage counseling

Richard Kind-Just plain awful...perhaps put there to illustrate how hard improve can be-as a morning show sound effects guy. GOOD JOB by the cast to nail the ZOO radio format.

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