2 weeks into the idol season ..who are the favorites

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Well here we are and twoweeks into the season ..who is the favorite or favorites ?

Kristy Lee Cook Amazing Grace Indeed

Chris Watson--Hunk ???

 Junot Joyner I guess thats why the call it a good voice !

Carly Smithson blew the judges away. But she is really not an amateur.

Katie (Kady) Malloy (18, Houston, TX) is the early favorite as "the best we've seen so far" from Simon. She impersonates everyone!

Alaina Whitaker (16, Tulsa, OK) was my favorite ..doing Faith Hill.

Drew Poppelreiter -Isn't one George Strait in the world enough ?

Colton Swon from Oklahoma gave it a good country boy go at it.
Pia "Zpia" Easley (24, Chicago, IL) Nice Gladys Knight
Kyle Ensley (21, Valiant, OK) wants to be a politician AND an Idol.
Jessica Brown (24, Longview, TX) is a former meth addict turning her life around
Kayla Hatfield (24, Campbell, TX)  was in a crash and is lucky to be alive ..possibly one of the most sympathetic "you are going to Hollywood's" ever

Joey "Biggest Loser" Catalano -I have to say ...was it to him that Simon said go get some food ? Would you say to a reformed drug addict..."you are going to Hollywood ..go get some drugs ?"

Angela Martin - Big underdog factor ?
Melanie Nyema Taylor Hicks former backup singer who has already outsold him.

Jose Candelaria Keep an eye on this one.

Beth Stalker -Name will be remembered


Kyle Ensley
Jonathan Baines
Nina Shaw
Melanie Nyema

You Are My Brother!

Hollywood Rounds are Feb 12th and 13th ...and the list of whom is believed to be on those episodes is listed below. Carly Hennessy, a former MCA recording artist ?? is rumored to be one of the top 50 ..if not into the top 24. Here is her shot.

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