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Brooke White to WIN AI Season 7

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I thought for the most part..the right ones were voted out in top 24 week 2. Those girls are sure a huggy kissy crying bunch aren't they? After the week one elminations of our boy Colton destined for Broadway, Garrett destined for whatever Peter Frampton or Leif Garret biopic comes out, forgettable Joanne and Amy in the rear view mirror as well, we see that
Robbie Carrico was ripe to go ...Jason is too much of a lounge singer amd too boring ....Chickezie and Luke are still on the boys chopping block for next week I think. I had Alaina going this week all along ...but a bit surprised at talented Alexandrea going this week. I have to say ...even though Kady the Lady is on the block now for next week...WE HOPE she pulls through and sticks around long enough to make the tour. SHE is just damn fun. Lov Her

Top 8 Boys:

David Archuleta 1 (had him here from the preseason---no doubt he is the male one to beat and will be a superstar ..has more to offer than perhaps any previous American Idol...I think he is THE ONE that they have been looking for, and kinda found with Carrie...David will be BIG -HOWEVER, I am still projecting a lady to win it...David the runner up)

Jason Castro 2 (after the amazing debut, another solid performance this week keeps him to top)

Michael Johns 3 (rocker field is crowded ..gets here on charisma)

Danny Noriega 4 (I still say he is too queeny for the girls to vote for...much less guys ..NOT that there is anything wrong with being queeny...but we will see)

David Cook 5 (REAL tasty guitar licks...will anyone care ?..can we get over the squinty eyes ?)

David Hernandez 6 (I am keeping him down here again.... He HAS had two bang up performances though. )

Luke Menard 7 (sorry dog...should be gone)

Chikezie Eze 8 (better but still ugh)

Top 12 Girls:
Not alot of movement in this list this week


Amanda Overmyer 2 (Really Sang AWFUL but has a fan following that will pull her through to the final 4 I think. Still COULD GET LOST IN THE SHEER NUMBER OF GOOD ROCKERS THIS YEAR)

Carly Smithson 3
MAY LOSE ON THE LACK OF UNDERDOG FACTOR ALONE. Sings great but we know her background too well.

Ramiele Malubay 4
ehhhhh ok

Asia'H Epperson 5
ehhhhh ok again

Syesha Mercado 6
can win this if she hits a couple of home runs

Kristy Lee Cook 7 CANNOT win this if she hits 10 home runs
(down from 6 last week)

Kady Malloy 9
(We are rethinking the "can win it" statement from last week...but hopes she sticks around.

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