What The .... from

...and what a week from 7/7/08 to 7/13/08

Arod falls for the curse of the blonde bambino --no ..the bloonde bimbo thats it . She gets half the money and half the home runs. "Hey Andy Petite ...can you get me some of those blue pills from Roger ?"

Iran tests a bunch of missles and buys a new convertable

Gone with the wind...T Boone Pickens is my new hero. Go TBoone Pickens !!!

Google has a new world called LIVELY. I liked it the first time it was called The Sims.
If you like chatting and emoting online via a 3-D avatar, Lively looks like a winner. And if that sounds fatuous, you may be happier with Age of Conan, EVE Online, Shadowbane, or World of Warcraft.

Michael Vick is bankrupt ..well...we knew morally his bank account matches

Forget the iphone...get an LG Voyager ..just as good...even better the LG Dare . The Verizon ENV is decent for what it does.

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