who is tom whitnah, makinde adeagbo and Charlotte Carnevale

Just wondering who are are Blake Ross, Tom Whitnah , Makinde Adeagbo , Rob Goodlatte , charlotte Carnevale . They are all friends of Ben ..and on facebook he is the new demonstration page for the new direction of Facebook. The filters are a good idea .... TRYING TO COIN OR CORNER "THE STREAM" AS THEIR OWN.

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Tom Whitnah said...

Everyone in that screen shot is a Facebook employee. Makinde and I (Tom) are software engineers at Facebook. Blake is a software engineer/product manager at Facebook (and also the creator of FireFox). Ben and Rob are graphic designers/user experience designers at Facebook. Charlotte works in the User Operations/Customer Service team.

I think Ben put together the screen shot, though I don't know how he chose who showed up there. It was fun to see my name there and I've gotten messages from random old friends who've seen it on Facebook or in different news sites.