Ten Facts About Danni Shay - The Beiber Look Alike from AGT

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Ten Facts about Dani Shay --the oustanding Justin Bieber Look Alike from Americas Got Talent

1- She premiered on the Houston auditions show May 8th 2011 on NBC Americas Got Talent where she got three Yes's from Judges Pierce Morgan, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osborne. and is going to Vegas.
2-Her music is published and auditioned at her myspace page
3-Her Bieber Parody is called "What the Hell," and is a take off on Baby Baby Baby by Justin Bieber.  It's on YOUTUBE at
4-She hopes to meet Bieber on the Ellen Show
5-She has been writing music since at least 2006, more seriously since 2008.
6-Her great line as seen on AGT was "No Justin Beiber looks like ME"
7-She is also known on the interenet for covering Love The Way You Lie by Enimem
8- Her Twitter is @dannishay
9-Her official website is
10-Her download only album is called "Rise From The Dead"

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