Amy Winehouse -The Past is lost, and so is the future

At approximately 4:00 pm local time (BST, UTC+1) on 23 July 2011, two ambulances were called to Winehouse's home in Camden, London. Shortly afterwards, the Metropolitan Police confirmed her death.  There is currently an open investigation to determine the cause of death. The current cause of death is described by police as "unexplained". Winehouse had a longstanding drink and drugs problem.   She gave up on life at such an early age of 27.   She won grammy's, was considerend incredibily talented, exotic, and beautiful.  Many are asking why, how, and some of those should be the people closest to her.  Music has lost someone who made our lives easier to listen to and helped us look musically a bit into the past ...but music has also lost much of its future in the passing of Amy Winehouse.

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