Ten Facts about SNL Kate McKinnon

Who is Kate McKinnon
10 facts about the new SNL cast member

  1. First Saturday Night Live Episode Hosted by Sofia Vergara
  2. Resume includes Big Gay Sketch Show and Upright Citizens Brigade
  3. Is She Gay ? She is the First Out Lesbian since Danitra Vance was an SNL cast member
  4. Won rave reviews for her one woman show Disenchanted about Fairy Tale Characters a bit past their prime
  5. Born January 6, 1984
  6. Real Name Kate Berkhold
  7. Went to Columbia University
  8. Won the Nownextaward from LOGO as best rising comedian
  9. She tested with Lorne Michaels against other female performers set to possibly replace Kristen Wiig who may leave the cast soon after her success with Bridesmaids. The other performers were Jessica Joy of "The Playboy Club," Lauren Lapkus from "Are You There Chelsea," and Elaine Carroll
  10. Worked on the Web Series entitled Vag Magazine

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