Juxtoposing the simplicity of Lana Del Ray with the Complexity of Laurie Anderson

A quote from Lana Del Ray reminds me how simple Rock and Roll, Country, and Folk can be.  At age 18, her uncle taught her how to play guitar, beginning with basic chords: "It was G, C, A, D minor, A minor and some diminished chord as well. Some trick, some shortcut," Del Rey recalled. "I realized I could probably write a million songs with those six chords, so I moved to New York and I took a couple of years to just write whatever I wanted."
YOU CAN write a million songs with those chords ...throw in an E chord and make it the history of modern music.

Now throw in the compexity of Laurie Anderson and her 1981 non hit O Superman which is being played as background music on the new HTC commercial on SNL.  It was too cool, interesting, and performance art to played on MTV .  Thank goodness for the USA network show from the 80's NIGHTFLIGHT.

Here is Laurie Anderson

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