The CDC Knows about whether or not there is a Zombie Apocalypse coming

Start panicking, America.

The CDC says there will be could be a Zombie Apocalypse someday, and they have prepared plans for it.  Now that there are canibals and flesh eating junkies in the news these days, the CDC is actually OFFICIALLY proclaiming that they know of no occurence that is waking the dead or no virus that causes those  Zombies to want to eat peoples brains.

Yes ..the CDC important to America and dare I say the WORLD's Security as the Homeland Security department.  

Said, Stephen Colbert, Folks, you know that I do not flinch at unpleasantness,” he began. “But even I have been willfully ignoring a terrifying trend dominating the news.”

"Could it be that the CDC changed their tune because now they’re zombies? It makes sense that zombies would be attracted to science. All they care about ... is braaains!”

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