Adam The Healer is his webpage. Not sure after the ABC 20 / 20 story on July 13, 2006? He says what he says and people believe what they believe...but he ultimately says on his website NOT to replace his healing with the advice of your physician. He says he changes his brainwave activity at will on his website and claims he has scientific proof he does this. It says
"Healing energetic fields or influence, on the other hand, should show a brainwave specificity that is unique. One should observe changes in brain function that are not simply indicators of a more relaxed or focused target person. Further, although this remains to be researched, one might expect to find changes in brainwave activity that are specific to the target person’s disorder. For example, there are forms of depression that are associated with specific brainwave patterns in the frontal regions of the brain. If a healer is addressing the depression then one would expect changes in brainwave activity specific to the target person’s type of depression"

Time will tell about Adam The Healer

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