Floyd Landis "say it aint so Joe" becomes "Say it aint roids Floyd"

Floyd Landis

I just wish I hadn't cared. I frankly do not care about the tour de france unless a great american cancer survivor is winning it every year ...sticking it to the french who keep accusing him of but can't prove that he ever cheated. This sucks...completely ...because I actually cared .... Landis was another great story ..completely bum hip and miraculously came from 8 minutes behind to contend for the lead that he eventually overtook ..with a little help.

"The Swiss-based Phonak team said it was notified by the UCI on Wednesday that Landis' sample showed "an unusual level of testosterone/epitestosterone" when he was tested after stage 17 of the race last Thursday." "Testosterone is included as an anabolic steroid on WADA's list of banned substances, and its use can be punished by a two-year ban."

I mean.... if it proves out that he did it ...HE HAD TO KNOW HE WOULD GET CAUGHT. And ... A MENNONITE !!! The French would almost plant the evidence... but wait you think that might be the thing ? I doubt it bad as the French want to shed an American in this shameful light, I doubt they would risk exposing themselves as trying to cheat a "cheater" ..cause...OF COURSE THEY WOULD KNOW THAT THEY WOULD GET CAUGHT.

Bigger implication here is that in the worlds eye ...this would tarnish Lance Armstrong as well by association ...terrible door being opened here.

Biggest from hero to zero story in a very long while if its true ..wait for the B sample and then.... Landis...give us at least a Jimmy Swaggert lip quiver

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