Regis Philbin Announces Retirement

Regis Philbin announces retirement today, June 18th 2011, saying "This is my last year on the show."  He indicated that it would be late summer or fall before the end came, and no word on whether or not they will try to get a new Regis with Kelly.  Regis Francis Xavier Philbin has been hosting talk and game shows since the 1950's.   He is sometimes called the Hardest Working Man in Show Business.    He is the Guinness world record holder for most time in front of a television camera.  He went to Notre Dame and always talked of his love for the Fighting Irish on the show.  Perhaps his biggest claim to fame was when the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire enjoyed HUGE ratings in 1999.  He was also the original of America's Got Talent before being replaced by Jerry Springer. Regis will be irreplaceable on American  TV. 

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