When republicans in the Virginia Legislature showed True Colors

The Hypocrisy of the Virginia General Assembly

Lets get this straight> Republicans they in Washington, or anywhere else, oppose what they call Obama Care because it is  for their taste "socialism"  and  is unconstitutional because it requires one to be required to carry insurance.  THEN , in an ultimate act of hypocrisy, are now requiring Virginia business owners to carry protection for autistic children in their company insurance.   Hmmmmm  can anyone say why this is different   ?   Once again, I say that the true way to get a national health insurance policy supported by the Republicans would be for Obama to oppose it, because even if something is right, and clearly makes sense, if Obama or other democrats are for it, Republicans must oppose it for some reason.

Seriously...a REPUBLICAN group of legislators MANDATED a health care covenant, while on a national level, opposes anything that resembles mandate as socialism.  Really ?   Really ?  Seriously ?

Here is the Washington Post article.

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