Wizard of Oz References - The Movie

Wizard of Oz References get one everyday.

Have you ever been watching a sports report and, perhaps the team you follow has lost a game, but now has a home game, and the sports reporter says "ahhh but there's no place like home," or thats the headline in the sports page the next day.   How MANY times have you been reading abut something, or watching a movie or TV show, or heard on a radio commercial "We're not in Kansas anymore," when someone wants to describe a situation thats not normal.    How many times has someone lacking in size or a baby been playfully referred to as a "munchkin."   Some of these are used so often its easy to see why the most used pop culture reference is The Wizard of Oz, and others blow past you a little less noticable.  Here is the ever growing list of things you can look for so you too can realize that if you have daily contact with media including but not limited to TV, newspaper, radio, magazines, advertising, internet and more, you get a daily Wizard of Oz reference.   

Now here's the video


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